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Belfield Crossing

Belfield Crossing

48 acre site

Belfield Crossing is a premier 48 acre mixed use land development project. Belfield Crossing consists of commercial and retail pad sites, including two hotel pads, 8 retail pad sites, grocery store pad, multi-family residential and up to 150,000 square feet of flex office warehouse space. Belfield City granted final approval March 3, 2014. Included in the approval were annexation into the city, zoning, water including a major upgrade in capacity with the addition of a new water tank, sewer, power, gas and communications lines. American Landmark Group LLC (ALG) will be installing off site utilities to the site.

ALG is currently negotiating site location transaction with several tenants.

Belfield Crossing is at the intersection of I-94 and State Highway 85. Interstate 94 is the northern most east west corridor in the United States and Highway 85 (Can Am Highway) intersects the center of the Bakken from Canada to Mexico and is the most travelled Highway in the region. In addition Highway 85 has been approved to become a 5 lane Highway from Williston to Belfield, construction has started on the first section from Williston to Watford which will be the first completed, continuing south to Belfield during the next two years.



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